Photo credit Cassidy Swanston

Innovator Generation Water Tech Challenge

Water Rangers

Water Rangers: Kat Kavanagh
From Ottawa, ON

Empowering citizens and scientists to learn about, test and act to protect our waterways

Water Rangers, a non-profit social enterprise founded in 2015, is a design-led organization connecting people to their local waterways through citizen science.

Our tools empower citizens to learn and act on water conservation, and our user-driven approach is unique in the water testing scene. We combine empowering technology and water testing tools that can be applied to local contexts. Our open-data platform helps anyone learn about water testing and provides tools to groups so that they can respond to local issues. Our test kits are designed to be easy-to-use, affordable and accurate, without requiring a lab to process them and are used across Canada as a tool to fill data gaps and to provide local education.

Given the extent of knowledge gaps for Canadian watersheds, Water Rangers uses the power of good user-experience design and crowdsourcing to build tools that help communities grow their capacity to test water and share data for data deficient regions.

Photo credit Cassidy Swanston