Innovator Generation Water Tech Challenge

CANN Forecast

CANN Forecast: Naysan Saran, Nicolas Fortin St-Gelais, Olivia Ratnasingam, Julia Yingling, Bochra Kallala, Renato Henriques, Jack Sklivas
From Montreal, QC

Leveraging data for sustainable decision making in water management

Based in Montreal, CANN Forecast’s mission is to help prevent water-related crisis by leveraging municipalities existing data.

CANN Forecast has two solutions to address water management issues in Canada: (1) InteliSwim which leverages open data to provide real-time water quality prediction and (2) InteliPipes which enables the identification of vulnerable pipes within a city’s water distribution system.

These tools were developed using artificial intelligence models that rely on available data to provide useful insights to decision makers on issues like water quality or pipe replacement. The infrastructure we are developing will be a key player in leveraging data to empower decision making for aquatic ecosystems across Canada.