Photo Credit: Parks Canada

Innovator Generation Water Tech Challenge


SENTRY: Patrick Kiely, Jack Ambler, Mahnaz Zare, Colin Ragush, Bryce Stewart
From Charlottetown, PEI

Digitizing microbial activity in real-time

SENTRY is a bio-electrode microbial activity and water quality monitoring platform. The sensor platform is uniquely suited to provide reliable, robust data distributed through a given watershed.

Founded in 2013, SENTRY successfully monitors microbial activity and water quality for water and wastewater treatment plants for municipal and industrial clients. The data provides a direct measure of the microbial activity at the key sensor locations and reliable correlations to the presence of bioavailable carbon / organics. The platform is an ideal solution for describing the health of a watershed with sensors capable for remote and maintenance free operation.

This platform is unique in that the information being collected is generated directly by microbial communities growing on the sensor surface providing the ability to digitize microbial activity in real-time. SENTRY has been validated with the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) as a platform for monitoring raw water intake to their drinking water plants from the Great Lakes.

Photo Credit: Parks Canada